Money making software for free*!

Back test and verify any mix and match of stocks, ETF-s and mutual funds listed on Yahoo Finance over several months/years. This software will let you graphically visualize and compare results to the S&P500 index. Play with different allocation sets, increase and reduce risk at will. Try different reallocation schemes to compare potential results.

Major institutions use complex programming tools based on huge and expensive databases to experiment with portfolio construction. Now, at your fingertips - a tool as easy as it's name: EzBacktest.

Well - is it Free?
All versions up-to 1.9 were given for free with frequent reminders to make donations. Starting with version 1.9, testing of up-to 4 equties is free - but access to the advanced tools and testing of more than 4 equities is a bonus availble only to users who choose to make a small donation (suggested at $25)

It is still a Freeware, but usage of advanced features beyond the first 2 weeks after installation is a bonus available only to contributing users.


Edit portfolio allocation:

Result graph:

Sharpe Plot:

Also, check out new tutorial and sample portfolio: Designing a portfolio using EzBacktest.

Major Features

  • Multiple portfolio privately on your PC
  • Try different re-allocation schemes
  • Quick link to quotes
  • Calculate portfolio's dividends yield, sharpe ratio, annualized returns, Standard Deviation
  • Measure and compare performance directly on graph
  • Cache downloads within single usage instance to allow quick adjustments to portfolio and recalculation
  • Create Correlation Matrix
  • Compare saved portfolio to achieve: Sharpe Plots, Monthly performance graphs, Sharpe bars, year over year returns
  • Bull/Bear strategic allocation simulation over simple-moving-average-cross signals
* The results demonstrated utilize Yahoo!Finance's downloadable historical stock data. The actual data being used is the 'adjusted close' which for the purpose of simulation stocks performances assumes all dividends and splits to be reinvested.


  • CNET: CNET Editor's review
    • EzBacktest is easy to use, fast, and (best of all) free. It's fun to play around with, too, if you like that sort of thing. We do!
  • AAII: AAII.COM: Featured Download, EzBacktest 1.5.3
    • EzBacktest is a free and easy-to-use program that provides an essential service for any investor’s portfolio.
  • Mentioned on Seeking Alpha: here, also, often referred to on Mornings Star forums and other investment forums.
  • Find my soft.com: FindMySoft Editor's Review


EzBacktest is free to download and free for personal use. No commercial use is allowed except for free redistribution. Reverse engineering, hacking, and repackaging is not permitted. No liability is provided. No guarantee of continuation of service is provided. The application relies on Yahoo's good will to continue downloads of stocks historical data for free. The application and it's author are not responsible for your own personal financial decisions. While installing, users are requested to acknowledge and accept these terms of usage.

After first week of usage without donation, certain advanced features will cease to be available. This includes everything in the Tools menu, and the ability to simulate more than 4 stocks per portfolio.

Support further development! Donations are appreciated.
Suggested donations:
$25 - support future development. You find value in the software and want to see it further supported and developed!
$50 - Contact developer for support, made personal profit, had requested a feature