Saturday, August 5, 2017

2.1.9 released

This version should resolve issues with splits, and non-reinvested simulation.


Note: Generally speaking, the latest changes in the data coming from Yahoo provide only the "adjusted close" column, and dates and values of dividends and splits. The missing data is the actual close/open data per day. What the software does now is try and deduct "actual close value" from the values I just mentioned. Unfortunately, you can't make flour from baked bread... The simulation results are fine for "reinvested" dividends option , but not so much for "withdrawn"


  1. EZBackTest cannot get prices or do backtests using due to "multiple redirects".

    1. Hello, if you are having issues, I'd be happy to look into what's going on if you email me. I just tried to use it again, and didn't run into any issues. If you are trying to use behind a proxy, it is possible that your proxy is blocking the data.