Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Version 2.1.4 Released, patches support for quotes downloads

The format of the results from Yahoo changed, this version supports today's format.

Download at the page or on the icon at the right column of this site.


Update: Looks like what had worked yesterday is failing today, thanks Yahoo.... hopefully I'll be able to resolve over weekend.

Update 2: Fixed, download latest: 2.1.5


  1. I am still having trouble with downloads. Even the most simple portfolio for IVV / backtest, fails pulling the S&p. I think I installed the new version 2.1.4 correctly, but when I go to ABOUT, it still says version 2.1.3. Any ideas? Did my install fail or are there still download issues. Thanks

    1. Version 2.1.5 works like it used to. Thanks!!