Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yahoo changed historic quote download interface, is this the end?

I'm sorry to report folks that it seems that as of today, the free interface which was thus far provided by Yahoo has changed, and might not be available any longer.

Thank you to all the users who supported the software in the past. I've always stated it relies on Yahoo!Finance, and will only be available as long as Yahoo continues to provide free service.

If anything changes, I'll update and upload a new version. For now - EzBacktest will cease to be available for future downloads.

All donations since February have been refunded. Please do not send new ones.

All the best.

S. Segev


  1. Not only did Yahoo break the historical quotes download API, they broke the data you would get from manually downloading as well...

  2. I asked Jerry Medved @ Medved Trader why they weren't having problems with Yahoo. Here's our discussion:
    They have lot's of ways to access the quotes and from Jerry, "but if it is a windows program comma they are free to access hour API. "

    1. Thanks, I emailed him for any information he might have.

  3. Update: Options for future of software are being researched... check back soon.

  4. Glad Jerry was able to help you out.