Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New version 2.1.3

It seems the installer was missing a required DLL. Hopefully, all issues solved.



  1. I can’t get the downloaded zip file to extract.
    I downloaded the file and clicked Open With Internet Explorer. It placed the file in Users\Ann\Local\Temp
    Get error - Windows protected your PC – Clicked RUN ANYWAY
    Get error – Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions – what is weird is that the file in the error message has an extra Temp2 in the file name \Temp\Temp2_setupEZBacktest 1_1_3.Zip\SetupEzBacktest 2_1_3.exe the TEMP2 is not on the file.
    I tried downloading clicking Save as into another directory, the same one where I keep PORTFOLIOS. When I click on it I get the same Windows is protecting your computer – clicked RUN ANYWAY – get the Windows cannot access the path specified and the file name points to a totally different directory - Users\Ann\Local\Temp\Temp3_setupezBactest 1_1_3.zip\setupEzBacktest 2_1_3.exe. This is NOT the location of where I saved the file.
    Any ideas on how I can get the zip file to extract and load the new software. Do I need to buy Winzip to be able to unzip the download?

    1. Yes, I posted a blog post about this problem: http://ezbacktest.blogspot.com/2017/05/bug-reported-is-being-worked-on-few.html

    2. To be clear: don't buy winzip, it won't help, the issue is the anti-virus+windows protection. Follow the instructions in the blog.
      And by the way, the installer EXE is zipped to allow it to be uploaded/downloaded to the FTP

    3. Info on Norton quarantine worked. New software is installed. Thanks.

  2. No problems, working now! Thanks

  3. EZbacktest 2.1.3 stopped working for me. Whenever trying backtest, I get a failed to download error.