Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EzBacktest to come back soon

It might take a couple of more days, but I believe I have another option for data source coming up.

Great thanks to everyone who emailed with suggestions, and to the commenter who got me in touch with Jerry Medved from Medved Trader, who has now gave me some information which will get me up and running - hopefully soon.



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  2. Hello S. Segev,

    You should add entry date, entry price, entry shares, exit date, exit price, exit shares for each symbol. That way users can more accurately backtest the performance of actual brokerage accounts and newsletter portfolios. Very few brokerages or newsletters give you the actual and documented past performance of their portfolios. I will definitely donate if you release this feature. Thanks!

    1. The functionality exists and you can check it out when the software returns. You put values instead of percentage and then click on "values to percent" link.