Sunday, May 28, 2017

EzBacktest is back! Version 2.1.0 available for download

I've had great assistance by the creator of Medved Trader in re-establishing Yahoo Finance data connection. Check out his site, the link is on the right panel of this blog and on new software. Now that it is back, it still relies on Yahoo!Finance data though through different channels. This version has the same disclaimer as previous ones - it relies on Yahoo's generosity in providing this data for free, without breaking the interfaces which allow downloading such data. I had to put a bit of an effort to use the new interface because these days, whatever data is available is a bit broken for some tickers. No guarantees for future support are made.

I will consider in the future establishing means to create subscription based access to the software, and on the other end, these fees would pay for a reliable source. I can't say if it will happen and when, but given the situation we've had in the last month, it is something I should review when I get the chance.

The software currently doesn't require re-activation of features for users who have already donated. Do consider sending donation though, even if in the past you had donated.

Go ahead and download,

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