Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bug reported is being worked on, a few notes on "security risk" of downloaded installer

First and foremost: The bug reported is there, and an update will be sent once it is resolved.

While testing the issue being reported I found out that Windows, Chrome and then Norton 360 all work really hard to prevent you from downloading, installing and even running the software. This software is "home brewed", I have no contact with digital signature providers, and as such - these days - everything on your computer is fighting against you to allow it to be installed, run, and access the internet.

The "path" to overcoming all of the warnings for me under Windows 10, chrome and Norton was as follows:

1. Open the ezbacktest.blogspot.com, download the ZIP file.
2. Select "Keep" after downloaded - otherwise chrome will delete it
3. Unzip, running directly through windows might just refuse.
4. Try to run the installer EXE,
5. When/if windows refuses, it has a link that says "more info", click it, and then select "run anyways"
6. At this point, Norton might refuse, and quarantine the installer. Open Norton and select to restore the file.
7. Now the installer should run.
8. Once EzBacktest is installed, Norton's internet security could pop up again, saying it doesn't have a digital signature, once again, you would need to enable it.

That's the status of today's multiple hacks around the world. The desktop has become unfriendly to independent software. You can choose to trust the software and run it.It was produced by me, Sivan Segev, at home, compiled through visual-studio, and installer made through inno-setup. My home computers are always protected by Norton, and I have no desire to hack you. I have a 9 years track record of producing and releasing EzBacktest.


PS. One thing that might help you is to temporarily disable the anti-virus.

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  1. Thanks for the info on how to work around the Norton Quarantine. Was able to load the new software.