Saturday, April 9, 2016

Version 1.12.14 out

Hello everyone, the new version is out. What's new?

This version adds the portfolio itself into the correlation matrix.



  1. I tried Rotating Top Performers Simulation with EUM and SPHD, 1 investment at a time, 1 months performance, and 1 months to rotate. Checkboxes were unchecked. Time period was 5/27/15 - 5/27/16. EUM was selected on 3/1/16 until 5/27/16 by the simulation. But EUM was declining during that period and SPHD was rising. This is the opposite of what I expected. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug?

  2. You want to have the top performer box checked, otherwise, out of a bigger list, it would have picked the 2nd at each time, and out of 2 choices the 2nd would be the loser

  3. Hello S. Segev,

    You should add entry date, entry price, entry shares, exit date, exit price, exit shares for each symbol. That way users can more accurately backtest the performance of actual brokerage accounts and newsletter portfolios. Very few brokerages or newsletters give you the actual and documented past performance of their portfolios. I will definitely donate if you release this feature. Thanks!