Monday, September 14, 2015

No Financial Advise: What do you do when S&P500 moving averages cross?

Some switch from aggressive to defensive portfolios when these crosses occur, as a precursor to a major event, and you can check out such tactics with EzBacktest's Bull/Bear strategy simulation. It so happen we are a few days into such a cross-over. Feel free to anonymously answer the poll below:

What do you do when SMA 50 crosses SMA 200 on the S&P 500?
Sell my aggressive stocks and buy some bond funds
Sell everything and stay in cash
Nothing, but last times I sold everything at the bottom
Nothing, ride it out, stay in a permanent defensive portfolio
Nothing, ride it out, stay in a permanent aggressive portfolio
Nothing, ride it out with 1 index fund
Trade often to game the volatility
Get more aggressive
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