Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New release: 1.11.1

1. Allow  end date selection from portfolio screen (previously through options)
2. Simplify certain options arrangements: Selecting dividends reinvestment options, index reinvestment options etc
3. Improve Y axis values at graph to be of type currency with rounded numbers
4. Show index name at bottom of graph when browsing values
5. Default index funds to reinvest dividends as part of simulation


Update: version 1.11.2 is released as of 4/30/2015, resolves elusive bug with custom index settings


  1. Hi Sivan,
    great job on the offline changes (easy and efficient) now I can continue working on my computer during my trip.
    It is even possible to create my personal csv files to test other assets such as futures.
    Can you tell me how much history line max I can use? Is there a limit?
    Regarding the samples that you propose in EzBackTest, I work on the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio and I think you should offer this example as a conservative portfolio:

    TLT 25% GLD VTI 25% 25% 25% SHY
    Max Draw Down during the 2008 crisis: 14.2%
    7.66 Standard Deviation and an annual return of 8%

    Again thank you for this wonderful tool
    I'll send you another donation, because it is rare to find a software and a creator like you and what is rare is expensive.

    PS your software allowed me to understand many things about the world of portfolio management, finance and especially risk assessment and try to master them.

    Sorry for my poor English

    Best Regards
    Marc from France

    1. Thanks Marc, your English is très bon :) If you are asking how many lines you can add to your custom offline files, then I'd say there shouldn't be a maximum that I anticipate.

      Contact me via email with any questions