Monday, March 9, 2015

Version 1.9.10 is out

This version fixes accuracy of tested equities with many multiple dividends along a long period of time.

Prior versions relied only on reverse calculation of adjusted close column from Yahoo!Finance, however - that method was not accurate enough given a long period of time and the rounded nature of that column over a long period of time. The new version downloads the historical data and the dividend data. The software still deducts splits when large differences are detected between the adjusted close and the regular close value.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Answer the poll, what's next for EzBacktest development?

Hello everyone, I'd like to hear from you - please pick an option or select other to add your own wishes. Please remember, that the more people get to use this application, and donate, the more likely I am to attempt to add said features, so do share with your friends and family:

Which new EzBacktest development would you think is most important/beneficial to you?
Offline historic data source
Rotating top performers based backtesting
Web only tool (no download, not only windows, subscription based)
Mac support
iPad support
Android support
Win 8/10 full screen app
Money Market equity simulation (based on historic fed interest rates)
Revamp User Interface
PDF reports
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