Thursday, August 21, 2014

New version: 1.9.5

What's new?

Fix yearly returns calculation at the "compare portfolio" results form to match Yahoo and Morningstar, where before it was measured from a year's first day of trade to the next year's first day of trade, to being calculated from last day of trade of prior year, to last day of trade of measured year.



  1. In the tool bar there use to be a Tools drop down. The Tools drop down contained Correlation Matrix, Compare Portfolios, Options, and Bull/Bear Stratagy Simulation. Now that the drop down doesn't exist how do we access these options?

    Is there a reason why only 4 stocks can be entered into a portfolio?

    1. Please refer to the "change of terms" post... linked as "Read This!" section of every page of the site. Future releases will emphasize it in in-software notifications as well.