Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Version 1.9.3 is out

What's new?

* improved back-test speed
* option to reinvest dividends of ETF used as comparison index



  1. Sounds Good! I've been advocating your Website in the Morningstar Boards for yrs now.. Keep up the good Work!

    Now if can come out with it to Automatically Rebalanced my Portfoiios I have my $ in for me, without my having to figure them all out? Priceless! I'd payfor it too! won't need to hire someone to do it

  2. Question?

    Being a Retired Old Man and both my Typing & Computer skills are limited, to say the least, will try to explain as best I can..

    1- When I enter my Portfolio of funds
    2- Select the # of Months /Normally I use the past 78 mos now to get all of 1/08 into the equation
    3-To Get what it did by the end of 2008, I have to move the mouse very slowly to that line/date of 12/31/08' to get it

    Is there a way to Set the Ending Date instead for that Port to each Years End ?

    And not just get the bottom of the Market period , that was not till 03/09'
    I have to move the mouse back to try to get 12/31/08' to get 08's Tot Rtn for the port..


    Is there a way tto get the Tot Rtns by % on a per Yr Basis?

    1. Via tools menu, select options, set the end date of simulation and check the box for: "limit simulation up to date".

      When you compare portfolios, you get the year by year results. So just compare your portfolio to another, any.

    2. Thank you..Got it !


      Next? Is there away to get a particular Yrs End ?
      Instead of having to slide the bar to that date and hope to get it on that date?

      eg: using a from 1/1/2008 thru 12/31/2013
      But want to go back to end of 12/31/2008 to get that Years rtns.. in both the % and Value per $100k

      Next? I will want to get the program to Rebalanced my Portfolio for me ad tel me How much $ to move in/out of each fund.. to maintain the previous % allocations..

      and Next on my wish list? To be able to Hit ENTER for it , to do it all for me.. to tell my Brokerage account..

      When Running 4 Ports and tot of 15 funds, it get very complex and time consuming and subject to Mistakes.. doing it the old fashion manual way. Only other alternative is to Hire a FA to do it for me.. and 1 I found , while only wants $500 to do it once a yr, I'd rather pay that for a Program to do it.. Hope that makes sense..

  3. sorry, My Email is DKP50@aol.com