Friday, July 4, 2014

Change of terms

Starting with recent versions, EzBacktest for non donating users will limit functionality after first 2 weeks of usage. The tools menu will not be available after the 2 week, and the portfolios will be limited to no more than 4 lines. To re-enable these, please make a donation, exit the application, open again and you will have full functionality.

Simple backtesting of single portfolios with no more than 4 lines is still available after the first 2 weeks. In essence, paying users have a full "pro" version, and non-paying users who keep using the software have a free somewhat limited one they can upgrade at any moment for a voluntary amount.

I hope users can understand why terms of usage had to evolve, and I hope most of you will recognize the value in the product and wish to access its full range of tools, and thereby choose to contribute in support of further development.

S. Segev


  1. I like your product but I am not sure how your terms of usage works after making a donation. After making a donation, does one get free updates for life, or does the product require a new donation to make a new version fully functional again? And what about the nag screen asking for a donation every time the program starts up? Does that go away with a donation?

    1. You aren't required to continuously donate. You do get to install updates, and the version you have installed will have the features under the "tools" menu unlocked. It does not mean that Yahoo will continue to provide access to historical data forever. It does not mean the developer is contracted to do anything. It is a donation, not a transaction. There is a suggested sum, not a required sum. If you send me emails and leave comments, I'm more inclined to respond if you are generous.

    2. Also, "nag" screen changes to a thank-you which disappears in a second.