Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to install EzBacktest on Windows 8?

Microsoft says: You users need protection, several protections, no really - you are so dumb, we will actually prevent you from installing stuff...

Anyways - first thing first, WinRT users, sorry you can't run anything that isn't "Metro App" except for Office. So  - your tablet isn't going to run EzBacktest.

OK, let's get to it, Windows 8 users should be aware of what to expect when trying to install EzBacktest, and how to get it installed and running:

1. Download the Zipped installer

2. Open the zipped file and double click to run the installer

3. Windows will let you know it protected you and give you 2 options, "more info" link, and "OK" - select "more info", which will allow you to run the installer.

4. Select "Run anyways"

5. Windows will let you know that the publisher is unknown. That's because I'm not paying a yearly subscription to 3rd party to be a "known publisher". Select "Yes"

6. Go through the installation wizard and choose at the end to run "EzBacktest"

If you are installing version 1.6 and up, you are done. Prior versions used Microsoft's .Net framework version which isn't installed by default on windows 8, so your saga continues here:

7. Now Windows will let you know that Windows is missing .net 3.5 and ask you if you wish to download and install it. Yes, do download it

8. Wait until installation of .net 3.5 is complete

There, now you can use EzBacktest, wasn't that fun? There has to be someday in the future a consolidated Desktop app store agreed by %90 of industry, which will allow one click/install. Until then, it's going to be this painful. Most users will agree though, going through this pain is worth it - EzBacktest is that good and important for investment decision making!


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