Saturday, December 7, 2013

Version 1.6.9 released

* Show portfolio value on statistics panel in graph-form
* Show last graph value when marker is right-most
* Remove inconsistent outperform value from main form status bar


Friday, November 1, 2013

Version 1.6.7

Today Google discontinued its iGoogle service and along with it their quotes API. EzBacktest didn't utilize Google except for company names. This latest version removes usage of that service.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Version 1.6.6 released

This version fixes failure to simulate "cost average" when have empty ticker line with allocation (for cash).

Download from Download page or by clicking on the icon to the right.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Newest version 1.6.5

Just now released version 1.6.5

This version fixes support for international stocks names.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Sell in May? Try out seasonal investing with free EzBacktest

Per users request, earlier this year I added to EzBacktest the ability to test out "sell in may" trading adage with the "Bull/Bear Strategy Simulation" tool.

To try it out, create your portfolio, save it, and then select from the menu "Tools" the option "Bull/Bear Strategy Simulation". Then, pick "Seasonal" in the "Sentiment signal" drop-down.

Download, try it out, and share your experience!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New! Now available, version 1.6.4

What's new?

This version fixes a few minor bugs in graph results for trader simulation, specifically regarding the "stacked positions" view.

Get yours on the Download page or on the link at the right column.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Release: 1.6.3 - Fix Localized Windows Support

It turns out prior versions would not properly download data from Yahoo!Finance if you had a non US Windows installed, such as France. As previous post suggest, I recently became aware of this issue and it is now resolved. Other updates:

* Change title affects save dialog, change file name during save changes title
* Double click on status bar to view log

Download latest version on the right column box or at the download page.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Windows 8 users, having trouble? (Updated)

I had EzBacktest running on Win 8 for a while, and even published a post regarding installing on Windows 8. A few comments in earlier post raise some issues but I need more details. If you are experiencing issues running EzBacktest, please email to:


Update 1/6/2013: It turns out, localized Windows such as French versions had problems downloading data and parsing it properly. This issue should be resolved with latest release. Windows 8 is still very much supported and working fine (once you get over the pain of installing things).

Reminder, you can install on Windows 8, check out this post: How to install on Windows 8

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is this prompt? You mean I have to buy? You said free! FREE!

Right people, I saw some comments on discussion threads - so let me clarify:

You can click "decline". 

At one point or another I added a reminder to users, who use this program several times a week(!), that they are encouraged to donate.

You can click "decline", and still go on using the software. If you choose to make a donation, the software won't ask you ever again. But think about it this way, if you have a substantial amount of money, and you find value in what this software lets you do, which is essentially evaluate your choices with your money, then perhaps you'd consider some change in the hat to the guy who wrote it?

Really - this reminder is minimal. The software comes free of advertisement. The installer is free from any latch-on annoyances such as tool-bars or anti-viruses or ad-pushers no one wants.

I encourage anyone with questions to post comments here or email me.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Version 1.6.2 is out!

Minor updates:

1. Option to select default portfolios path
2. Show minus on index measure when show minus option selected
3. Resolve .net4 menu focus bug


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Now released, version 1.6.1


* Allow print graph result
* Default color scheme now brighter, allow revert to original palette
* Graph form user interface cleanup
* Seasonal bull/bear simulation (for anyone looking to test "sell in may" approach)
* Option to toggle showing minus signal when marking section in graph result
* Option to not reinvest dividends, and to disregard dividends. This allows showing SPY vs ^GSPC, and how 2% dividend makes a huge difference in investment results
* Allow viewing stacked positions for SMA trader graph results. Showing when and how much invested in each position.

Important: Starting with this version, the software relies on having .Net 4 on your machine: download .net 4 (client profile)


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some notes about the market and the economy

Hello users of EzBacktest, I know you don't refer to this blog for financial news and analysis and I promise you I'm not providing any. This blog is about the software EzBacktest, its features, releases, plans, recommendations etc.

Take this one as an exception. I'm not an expert to provide a professional opinion stating the market will or should go this way or that way based on such and such micro/macro. My financial credentials are simply building EzBacktest and Free-Stocks-Ticker, based on publicly available knowledge and users feedback. (I do have credential in my field of work, which is software engineering)

Here goes, succinctly:

* The market is making new multi-year highs: U.S. Stocks Rise on Earnings; DJIA at Five-Year High
* Earnings are reported to be great: The Odd Season: Good Earnings, Nervous CEOs
* Yet the economy seems to be in the tanks: US economy shrinks 0.1 pct., 1st time in 3 ½ years
* Unemployment is high:U.S. economy adds 155K jobs, unemployment rate stays at 7.8 percent
* Federal debt out of control:Why is the national debt $16 trillion?

I can actually find tens of recent bad news regarding the economic conditions. Is the market up only because banks are given "free money" by Quantitative Easing? How is this mechanism working? Sounds very suspicious, doesn't it? I don't get it, do you?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, you can pay $375 annually to backtest portfolios, or...

Look, I get that there are other products out there, and I'm not nocking down any of those. I'm merely letting you know - EzBacktest is free for personal use and open for improvement suggestions.

Users donations encouraged

PS. Upcoming release will revise the graph results form, to make it a little easier on the eyes:


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Version 1.6.0 Released! Trader simulation improvements

I'm happy to announce the latest version of EzBacktest.

New features and fixes:

* Improved SMA trader simulation with different options: force trader position size, minimum cash, maximum position held months, trade into position only on signal
* Fix crash with PSO when stocks ticker are missing
* Allow bookmark and "undo to bookmark", with automatic bookmarking on each back-test, PSO-optimization and equal-distribution.


Download Portfolio Backtest Utility

This post is shameless. Really, it's a fact that unless you google something with the keyword "EzBacktest", you will not find this blog. But what is the main function of EzBacktest? Backtesting your portfolio.

So download this great portfolio backtesting utility!

Welcome anybody who has become aware of EzBacktest through this blog post, that is what it is intended to do. Do go ahead and read in the About page what this utility is all about, and then click "Download" and try it for your self, you won't regret it.

Make more than a penny or two!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to install EzBacktest on Windows 8?

Microsoft says: You users need protection, several protections, no really - you are so dumb, we will actually prevent you from installing stuff...

Anyways - first thing first, WinRT users, sorry you can't run anything that isn't "Metro App" except for Office. So  - your tablet isn't going to run EzBacktest.

OK, let's get to it, Windows 8 users should be aware of what to expect when trying to install EzBacktest, and how to get it installed and running:

1. Download the Zipped installer

2. Open the zipped file and double click to run the installer

3. Windows will let you know it protected you and give you 2 options, "more info" link, and "OK" - select "more info", which will allow you to run the installer.

4. Select "Run anyways"

5. Windows will let you know that the publisher is unknown. That's because I'm not paying a yearly subscription to 3rd party to be a "known publisher". Select "Yes"

6. Go through the installation wizard and choose at the end to run "EzBacktest"

If you are installing version 1.6 and up, you are done. Prior versions used Microsoft's .Net framework version which isn't installed by default on windows 8, so your saga continues here:

7. Now Windows will let you know that Windows is missing .net 3.5 and ask you if you wish to download and install it. Yes, do download it

8. Wait until installation of .net 3.5 is complete

There, now you can use EzBacktest, wasn't that fun? There has to be someday in the future a consolidated Desktop app store agreed by %90 of industry, which will allow one click/install. Until then, it's going to be this painful. Most users will agree though, going through this pain is worth it - EzBacktest is that good and important for investment decision making!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Support for International Stocks

As mentioned before, the data used by EzBacktest is from Yahoo!Finance. The good news is, that Yahoo provides services worldwide, you just have to know how to reach that data in Yahoo prior to trying to test it in EzBacktest.

For a very quick example, I entered the Yahoo finance sites for Germany, France and UK and looked for ANY stock out there and the relevant page for its historical prices. I then looked at relevant download link at the bottom of the page, here are the results:





Notice that all of these downloads are from the same web address, without specific difference in parameter indicating a different currency expectancy. The only major difference is the suffix of the stock ticker.

A German stock ends with .DE and the data downloaded is in Euros.

A French stock ends with .PA and the data downloaded is in Euros.

A UK stock ends with .L and the data downloaded is in British Pound.

Conclusion: You can test international portfolios, the actual currency is relevant to the download and isn't imposed by EzBacktest. EzBacktest uses percentage based allocation, so the currency and stock price doesn't affect test results. It works!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Softpedia says: EzBacktest %100 clean

I really like Softpedia, they track software releases and update their website and databases. I would like to publicly extend my thanks to the publishers at Softpedia for carrying my software as a mirror, and for verifying and letting everyone know: My software is %100 free of Viruses!

Check them out:

Softpedia guarantees that EzBacktest 1.5.8 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alert! Do not download from CNET's Download.COM! Ad-pusher and other crap injected to users computers without consent!

Alert! Do not download from CNET's Download.COM! Ad-pusher and other crap injected to users computers without consent!

I was alerted by a user that his friend downloaded from Download.COM and found all sorts of threats. I quickly tried to download from Download.COM and found them installing all sorts of crap without my consent before they even begin letting you download my software. I will remove my link to them until further notice. I'm sure they will come to their senses at some point, but right now, please be aware and avoid downloading anything from that site.

Please note, when you download from this site, one of the 2 main links, you are downloading from either my Comcast web account, or a free host service - these packages were not modified by any external entity and I recommend you download from here.

Some web-browsers, on some operating systems will refuse to allow you to download directly. It is your choice to elect to keep the download regardless and install and trust the software, and I hope you can rely on my word that I released my product with good faith and without viruses or threats. There have been multiple installations and thank you emails received as well as testimonials to that matter, but as things stand - Chrome or Windows 8 might choose to give you a few extra alerts while downloading my product.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Version 1.5.8 brings you "5% rebalance band"

Good year to everyone, I usually don't release new versions on a daily basis - so.... you're welcome.

I do listen to feedback, and this was recently requested: a new rebalancing rule, the famous "5% band".