Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did EzBackTest help you plan asset allocation and avoid losses in last market turmoil? Spread the word!

EzBackTest was created to allow investors to verify their asset allocation plans. I believe that if users were utilizing it to plan their balanced or conservative portfolios - they have probably managed to avoid the 17% market crash and continued volatility.

EzBackTest is free, and I do appreciate any donation made to facilitate further support and continued development.

Another important aspect of having this product be given for free is that there's no company behind it investing in marketing. So while this product could be useful to many Americans out there with a retirement account, it has probably not reached half a percent of its potential reach.

If you found true cash value in using EzBackTest, and I believe for many in recent weeks it has - do consider sharing your experience with your family, friends and on the web.


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