Wednesday, December 8, 2010

EzBacktest for iPad?

Not anytime soon. Several issues - read below.

Issue I: Cost

1. Buy a Mac, a mini costs $689, an iMac $1200+
2. Buy Mono-Touch - that's $400
3. Buy an iPad (ok I did that at recent black-Friday sale, costs about $500)

Issue II: Time

That's my free unpaid time. I did do EzBacktest and other freeware for free, but it took me a long time, for my own amusement initially. Having devoted about 5 hours a weekend, and several weekends to reach a proper release. Then incrementally improving to its current stage.

To port to iPad, I'd have to devote several more hours - and then find a workaround to the charts control that I'm using right now. It's all solve-able - but isn't happening right now.

Issue III: Product value

If I do chose to make EzBacktest for iPad - and invest the amounts stated above, and dedicate my free time... will I give it away for free? If I don't give it away for free - does it provide enough value to pay for the current features?

Well - I believe so, but the free PC version hasn't received a lot of attention thus far. I thank all those who donated - yet I'm not shy about expressing somewhat disappointment at how so few have chose to do so. Of course, these are few - from a few users. And those who did understand that this program is used for their finance - you pay for all sorts of non-sense you don't need, but if something is helpful to your wallet - and you appreciate it as such - you'd donate.

Back to the issue of charging for an iPad version - would you pay if you could use it for free on the PC? Well - only if you'd get extra value. So I'm thinking, if I ever do this, I should merge this with the ticker application - and perhaps a personal 'gains tracker'. Being on the app-store and perhaps being reviewed or featured somewhere relevant might make it all worth while.

Yet then - there's the last issue:

Issue IV: Rights to access data

Current version uses Yahoo's free services. Those are not guaranteed, and while I'm only guessing, I believe that a paid program utilizing these services should have a signed contract with the data source. Most likely - not free.


EzBacktest for iPad might be a viable business opportunity, as such requires a hell of a lot more than me spending midnights on my laptop wearing pajamas... a sponsorship or partnership with an organization providing live quotes would be required. Will this happen? I don't know. For now - enjoy and appreciate the free PC version in combination with the 'free stocks ticker'. I'm sure it'll help your financial planning as is - and once you appreciate it you'd consider clicking on the 'donate' button.


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